Everything we know about the DJI Mavic Mini 2: pricing, battery, more

The next drone rumored to be coming from DJI is the Mavic Mini 2, a refresh of the Mavic Mini to bring 4k to the tiny drone. We have already seen images of what looks to be the Mavic Mini on the FCC database along with a price leak.

What we know


Yesterday we got a good look at the price of the upcoming Mavic Mini 2, which appeared to leak on Adorama. The Mavic Mini 2 was a suggested alternative when looking at the alpine white version of the original DJI Mavic Pro.

The Mavic Mini 2 will start at $449, a $50 premium over the $399 Mavic Mini. The Mavic Mini 2 fly more combo looks like it will get a $100 increase from $499 to $599.

Battery capacity

Earlier this month, a new drone hit the FCC database, with the model being MT2PD. From the image, we can see that the drone appears to look like the original Mavic Mini released last year. Looking at the image and the FCC label, we can see the position of it has changed along with the capacity of the battery. The Mavic Mini 2 looks to have a 2250mAh battery compared to the 2400mAh battery of the Mavic Mini. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect battery life.

Model name

As mentioned above, the drone that appeared on the FCC database goes by the model name MT2PD, the original Mavic Mini has the model name of MT1SS5. Looking at the first three digits of the model, we can see that they are the same except for the number, which goes up from one to two suggesting this is the successor to the Mavic Mini.

What we aren’t so sure of

4k camera

The Mavic Mini 2 is rumored to improve the camera with a bump up to 4k from the Mavic Mini’s 2.7k. There was a rumor going around that the Mavic Mini 2 has come so quickly after DJI’s CEO said he wasn’t a fan of the picture quality of the original Mavic Mini. Instead of just upping the Mavic Mini to 4k, DJI might sneak in a larger sensor, which weighs a little more. This could be why the battery has a smaller capacity so it can make way for a larger sensor.

To differentiate the Mavic Mini 2, DJI will likely go along the same route it has with the DJI Pocket 2. DJI has added a red ring around the camera lens as a way to show it is an upgraded version of the original Osmo Pocket. So, expect to see a similar marking on the DJI Mavic Mini 2.

Release date

Since we saw the drone hit the FCC earlier this month and have now seen it on a seller’s website, it will likely be released in early to mid-November. The original Mavic Mini was released on October 30th last year, meaning DJI is preparing to get the Mavic Mini 2 ready for sale around the same time. I think DJI will release it sometime next month to help get more units produced in time for the launch. DJI probably doesn’t want to face the same stock issues it had with the recent Ronin launch.

New controller

DJI released a new controller with the Mavic Air 2, moving the phone mount to the top and giving your hands more plastic to grip onto. It would make sense for DJI to use the same controller for the Mavic Mini 2 but leave a few of the buttons off to differentiate it from the Mavic Air 2. Since the controller is also larger than the original Mavic controllers, this could result in the end price being higher.

Photo: Josh Spires (edited)


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